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What is Shopify Combined Listings

Last updated on May 22, 2024

This article describes Shopify combined listings and how to achieve an Amazon combined listings effect in Shopify.


If you've ever used Amazon to sell your products, you're probably familiar with Amazon Combined Listings, which allow you to merge your stand-alone listings into a variation listing. This concept, when applied to Shopify, can enhance your online store's functionality and appeal.

Like its Amazon counterpart, Shopify Combined Listings enables merchants to consolidate separate product listings into a single listing with multiple variants. This not only helps in creating a cleaner, more navigable storefront but also simplifies inventory tracking and can even positively impact search engine optimization by concentrating your SEO efforts.

The benefits of combined listings are substantial:

  • Breaking Through Shopify's Variant Limit: A known limitation within Shopify is the cap on the number of variants per product, which currently stands at 100 but plans to expand up to 2000. Combined listings effectively bypass this limit, allowing you to consolidate numerous product options into a single listing without hitting the cap, thus opening the door for a wider product offering.

  • Boosted SEO Performance, Unique Title, description, and URL for Each Variant: Normally, when products are listed separately, it’s a challenge to ensure each one ranks highly in search engine results due to diluted SEO efforts spread across many pages. However, combined listings allow each variant within the listing to have its unique title and description. This is a game-changer because it enables you to target a broader range of keywords more effectively.

  • Refined Inventory Management: Managing stock levels becomes more meticulous with combined listings. Assign and monitor inventory levels for each variant separately. Whether the variants differ by color, size, or any other attribute, each possesses its distinct stock count. This granularity ensures precise inventory control, allowing for more accurate stock assessments and replenishment strategies.

  • Enhanced User Experience: User experience is significantly improved with combined listings. Customers benefit from a streamlined journey where they can compare and select variants on one page without the hassle of navigating back and forth between different product pages. This convenience often translates into increased customer satisfaction and higher conversion rates.

Creating that Amazon-style Combined Listings experience on Shopify requires a workaround, as the platform does not natively support this feature. This is where an app like King Linked Options enters the scene, specifically designed to bring this functionality to Shopify merchants with simplicity and ease.

The process of implementing combined listings on Shopify using King Linked Options is straightforward:

  1. Create a Product Group: You begin by making a product group within the app. This group acts as the combined listing where you will house all the variants you wish to merge.

  2. Include Variant Products: Into this group, you add all the variant products you have. These can differ in size, color, material, or any other attribute that you offer across similar products.

Once set up, not only does it accomplish the creation of Shopify combined listings, but King Linked Options also goes a step further by offering flexible customization for how options are displayed:

  • Visual Template Editor: This tool allows you to customize the display style of your options, ensuring they seamlessly fit with your store's branding and the customer's shopping experience.

  • Multiple Display Styles: You can choose from several styles, such as buttons, color swatches, image swatches, and dropdown menus, to present your product variants most appealingly and intuitively.

  • No Coding Required: The customization process does not require any coding knowledge. With the visual editor, you can apply changes and see them in real-time, making it accessible to merchants with any level of technical ability.

King Linked Options serves as a vital tool for merchants looking to elevate their Shopify store to the level of sophistication seen on Amazon, without the complexity. Simplifying both the backend management and the frontend user experience enables you to unleash the full potential of your product offerings and thrive in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

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